The Luxury of a Beautifully cared for Home

Luxury of Beautifully cared for HomeThe Luxury of a beautifully cared for Home is a delight everyone should experience!

I absolutely adore my English Rose Lifestyle blog, all about creating your perfect Home, it really does make my heart sing!  Just the sight of the Pink full blown Roses lifts my Spirits, and brings a little ripple of happiness to my Soul!

But I worry spending time on my home and then writing about it is ‘frivolous’ and ‘unnecessary’ when I could be doing so much more ‘important’ things in life.

But is it frivolous to create a beautiful Home for yourself and your Family?  Isn’t it just another form of art?  Admittedly it is fluid, every changing, and gets messed up daily, like sand art, but that just gives us another chance to do it again even better tomorrow…

Housework and cooking are temporary satisfactions, you clean or eat and the effects are gone again in no time, but it was sooo satisfying whilst it lasted…!  This is how addictions are formed!  I think housework is actually quite therapeutic when you do it regularly though, especially if you have a routine, it is ‘mindless’ work that can be done on autopilot, and therefore becomes a form of meditation and mindfulness.

I always hated the transient effects of housework when I was younger, I even went through a phase where I refused to do it! (This was caused by being forced to do more than my fair share as a Child, and this period of refusal was as a grown Woman with two Children, I did the basics but no more – not good!)  But as I grew older, bought a new Home I love, and now that I have a very mentally demanding work life, I love the peace and tranquility of my homework routines.  It is my time alone, my space for peace and quiet (lets face it, no one comes near you when you are doing housework – they are afraid you are going to give them a task, or worse – several!)  Have you ever noticed how everyone ‘scarpers’ when you pick up a vacumn or open the dishwasher?  Want some peace and quiet?  Try it! 😀

When I see a neglected Home, I know that the owner is suffering in some way.  Either through depression, overwhelm or a bad relationship (often with herself).  The general air is of neglect, not joy of life.  I do not want that for you, my friend.

I want you to experience the joy of snuggling down at night in freshly laundered crisp clean sheets, after a candle-lit bubble bath, knowing that when you wake in the morning your beautiful clean Home is there to welcome you to the start of another glorious day.  A day of possibilities, of being the best you possible, becoming all that you want to be.

How do you achieve this?  For details of my morning and evening routines, which are so important to one’s well-being, and how to create the luxury of a beautifully cared for home, see HERE.

As I ‘put my Home to bed’ at night, pottering around watering the plants, doing the dishwasher, absentmindedly wiping over the Aga to remove the days blissful cooking, closing the curtains at dusk and lighting the candles, it signals my mind it is time to switch off, become calm, and soothes my Soul.

Ready for another day.