Luxurious Living on a Budget

Luxurious Living on a BudgetIt is often thought that luxurious living on a budget  is easier with a huge Bank account, and whilst one definitely has a vaster choice then, sometimes one can have too much choice, leading to a cluttered look, where nothing can be fully appreciated!   Whilst it is entirely possible to fill a Home with cheap ‘tack’, if you are restricted by budget more thought tends to go into each purchase, as there is not the ability to replace it later if it is unsuitable.

I have a dear friend who lives on a small salary, dresses mainly in high quality Designer clothes (all bought economically in the sales), she has a lot less clothes than me, but a lot better quality, and always looks ready to meet the Queen!  I, on the other hand, with a large wardrobe to choose from, do not!   She also lives in a small but perfectly decorated Apartment that is tastefully furnished, and scrupulously clean, which makes any Home look gorgeous.  And at meal times she brings simple but seasonal fare, all bought at the end of day market, and we feast like Queens on approximately £2.50 per head!  I come away shaking my head, amazed every time!  That is true grace, and you can see and feel the love and thought that has gone into each and every decision.  Each item is purchased with a view as to how it will blend into her home, will it add or detract to it’s beauty and usefulness.  The end result is a clean spacious welcoming home that seems palatial despite it’s humble worldly cost.

A true inspiration indeed!

Tips for Luxurious Living on a Budget

  • Decorate with Fresh Paint in neutral colours – nothing says classy faster than clean walls and floors!
  • Clean the carpets or flooring or replace if needed.
  • Ditch the clutter – there should be no floor piles.
  • Arrange the furniture in ‘zones’ and keep relevant items in their correct zone.
  • Fresh Flowers and a scented room diffuser or scented candle always make a place feel like Home!