How to care for your Home beautifully with ease

How to care for your Home beautifully and with easeDid the title how to care for your Home beautifully with ease make you scoff derisively?!

Do you envy your ‘organised’ friends Homes that seem to be a permanently welcoming oasis, whilst berating yourself for being unable to care for your Home and maintain the same standards for yourself?

It is always interesting to be able to see how other people live, and how they manage their homes, and my aim with this post is to show you a simple morning and evening routine so you can wake up happy and contented knowing a welcoming calm Home awaits you!

So with no further ado, let’s get started!

Morning Home Care Routine

  • Get up and make the bed immediately
  • Shower and dress ready to face any eventuality
  • Wipe over the Bathroom
  • Put the coffee maker or kettle on whilst opening the curtains
  • Empty the dishwasher whilst the tea or coffee is brewing
  • Put a load of washing in
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Check the Flowers are trimmed and the water fresh


Evening Home Care Routine

  • Draw the curtains at dusk and light the fire
  • Clear the evening dishes and turn the dishwasher on
  • Put any washing away
  • Empty the kitchen bin
  • Take tomorrows food out of the freezer and defrost in fridge
  • Wipe over the worktops, hob, sink and taps
  • ┬áPlump the sofa cushions
  • Check the dining table and coffee table are clear and dust free
  • Sweep/vacumn floors as needed
  • Evening Beauty routine
  • Journal/Gratitude writing
  • Go to bed at a decent hour

Weekly Routine

M – Bedrooms

T – Garden

W – Windows/Mirros (alternate)

Th – Bathroom

Fri – Kitchen

Sat – Family/Creative day

Sun – Rest & Renew