About Me

Welcome to English Rose Lifestyle! I love writing, 40’s and 50’s fashion, making my Home and Garden Beautiful, and taking time to relax with my lovely Friends, Family and Fur kids!

I am the very proud Mum of two Awesome and Amazing grown up Children, and my adorable Grandson! I am also the proud owner of my ‘Fur kids’, and my 40th Birthday present to myself – my Aga! I also bought myself a Blush Pink iconic (or is that ironic at my age?!) VW Beetle recently, which I love! 🙂

I like to see myself as a dark silky haired, cool, calm and collected, poised elegant Lady (think Amal, George Clooney’s wife) – but in reality I’m more like a cross between Bridget Jones rushing around madly as if being chased by wasps, or Rachel in ‘Friends’ (on a good day!)
Still, everyone loves them, so it can’t be all bad! 🙂

I try to be the best that I can be, fail frequently, make more effort than the average Bear, and hence more mistakes, but hopefully more successes too! I am massively into conscious living, good nutrition and healthy wholesome living (although I do not always practice what I preach, especially if you wave a coffee eclair under my nose!)

I believe in creating a luxurious Sanctuary for yourself, that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, just a few small touches like some pretty flowers, a scented candle, relaxing music and a lot of Love! 💜